My '94 Nissan Sentra SE-R

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Body Pics


Besides a couple side dings, the car is in excellent shape.
These pics do not do the paint ANY justice. Its still shines like brand "new". When I saved my car from the dealer it had been under a tree for a year and was coated in sap, pollen, and leaves. After a quick bath and a complete wax and buff, I drove it back to the dealer to make my first payment and they thought I had gotten a whole new paint job!! :) What a smile that put on my face! The interior is spectacular with nothing wrong except the supports for the drivers seat that are a bit widened due the very large driver that drove it before me. The car came with new tires and the A/C was colder then a polar bears toe nail.

Seating capacity: 5
Head room, F/R: 37.5 in/34.5 in
Seat width, F/R: 2 x 21.0 in/51.0 in
Front seat leg room: 42.5 in
Rear seat knee room: 22.5 in
Seatback adjustment: 85 deg
Seat travel: 8.5 in

Dirt bike riders; Actual size=240 pixels wide


Heres a view of the aftermarket sunrooof installed by the previous owner. Its your basic flip up sunroof. No motor means "less weight!" woohooo!! I like the way its dark tint glass and accents everything else that's black.

A beach house; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Type: rack & pinion, power assist
Overall ratio: 15.2:1
Turns, lock to lock: 2.7
Turning circle: 34.1 Ft
Front: 9.8 inch vented discs
Rear: 9.1 inch discs
Assist type: vacuum and optional ABS
Total swept area: 281 square inches
Swept area/ton: 216 square inches
Wheels & Tires
Wheel type: cast alloy, 14 x 5 1/2 JJ
Tires (OE): Dunlop SP Sport D87M, P185/60R-14 82H
Inflation pressures, F/R: 33/29 psi